Alto Contraste


All candidates admitted in the selection process will be registered at the Academic Registration and Control Department (DRCA). Students will receive a code via email, and they will have to go to the Scientific Computer Lab (LCC) to register their login for access to the minhaUFMG portal, where they will be able to enroll.

Information Technology Department (DTI): Phone number 3409-4009/ email

Students are responsible for the entire process, and they must pay attention to the deadlines specified in UFMG's academic calendar.

Students must mandatorily go through the enrollment process, under penalty of having their UFMG enrollment excluded.

Elective disciplines are offered to students regularly enrolled at any of UFMG's schools, and who wish to take disciplines in other schools. Enrollment is performed by the conventional process, on the internet, or directly by each school faculty board. The offer depends on available openings after students in the original school where the discipline is offered have enrolled, and acceptance depends on the review performed within the selection process.