Alto Contraste

Sports Sciences


The Postgraduate Program in Sport Science - PPGCE is focused on the "Sports Training". The Program offers both the Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, and aims to train technically and scientifically students to work in higher-education and research activities.

The Master's degree, which was initiated in 1989, aims to train students to work as higher education teachers and professionals with higher level of knowledge. This course also enables the students to develop skills to consume and transmit science, as well as to conduct research in of sport science area.

In 2007, CAPES also approved the Ph.D. degree, and the first Ph.D. students began their course in 2008. At this level, the PPGCE aims to train students to become independent researchers capable of consuming and transmitting science, evaluating projects, in addition to planning and conducting their own research.

The program's aim to train researchers and teachers, mainly for higher education; produces scientific knowledge in the sport science area. In addition, this knowledge can also be used by coaches and allow the development of high-level technology that can contribute to the optimization of sports training.